Insectoid question

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Re: Insectoid question

Post by spiral » Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:24 pm

Implants used to be of a ferrous type material & a builders stud or pipe detector could detect them, so could a good emf meter, there are often guys at ufo conferences that do scans for that type of implant.

However I think they may have switched materials to something harder to detect, but if you find a small lump under your skin & a little scar you haven't seen before then it's a fairly good bet that it's an implant.

Re hypnosis there are people who do deal with abductees, if you are in the UK I would suggest contacting Dave Hodrien of BUFOG, he will be able to put you onto someone, personally I have never gone down that route & am very wary of doing so because of how it works.

Mantids are neither friend or foe, in my own case I am an experiment, so I get some horrible stuff as part of that but as something they have an investment in there are "perks".

The lack of presence of emotion probably has little to do with you perceiving them as good or evil, it most likely is something else like stopping something (like a self defense program) being triggered or stopping you flooding your blood with adrenaline which would mess with whatever it was planning to do with you.

Memories do change over time, they can seem like dream memories after a while or you may find that all you have is a memory of the memory.

That might seem a bit crazy but I have found that I have secondary memories where I am thinking about my original memories, even holding some of the original images, like stills from a film, but the original memory is gone, blocked or redacted, which is why it's a good idea to keep a written record.

It seems like you are also part of some long term project form what you have said, I suspect more will come to you & so will understanding that will keep slowly revealing more & more.

I used to have a lot of dreams where I was outside & seeing "impossible" aircraft, crazy designs, I suspect that its the mind not being able to process what it was experiencing, esp as I was very much into aircraft as a boy & knew a lot about them.

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Re: Insectoid question

Post by whoami » Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:19 am

It is all very baffling, I think that is why at one point I considered hypnosis, I thought if I could somehow get a little bit more information into my conscious awareness that somehow I might be able to piece things together, make more sense of what it is all about. However, I don’t know if hypnosis would even reveal truth or whether my interpretations would even be accurate. It could just be a further deception.

I tend to find that these experiences come in cycles with long gaps, for me at least. Some people seen to have regular experiences, it was never like that with me.
I understand what you mean about the memories being like stills, that is exactly why three years ago I started writing down everything. Now I can look back at some of the things and details I wrote and realize I had already forgotten bits of it.

It is of interest to me that you also used to have dreams with crazy shaped aircraft. That has been happening with me for many, many years and I have never had any interest in or knowledge of aircraft. My current one is a backward shaped letter L, it is very big, black with lot of little windows.
I think it is the emotional intensity and frequency of those dreams that got me curious because I have lots of dreams all the time about all kinds of things and when I wake up I know it was just a dream and I forget it shortly afterwards most of the time but the aircraft dreams they are different somehow, they leave an impression on me. Especially the Z shaped one, I dreamt about that one for years.

Do you still dream about the aircraft now?

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