A Theory on the Loch Ness and Sasquatch

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A Theory on the Loch Ness and Sasquatch

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The sightings of very strange and unexplainable "unearthly" beings which also have seemed to cohabit with us for centuries now...with most of the modern worldly population unaware of them...have intrigued me for years. If I may, I would like to share some of my thoughts...or even understandings...on two of the more "famous" of these...the Loch Ness "monster"...and what has been very commonly known as the Sasquatch.

It may very well be...that the Loch Ness monster is indeed a dinosaur...and in fact a "real" one. It is quite perplexing that he knows how to hide...but he may be smarter than we realize...indeed...he hides and is quite aware that we of this sometimes ignorant generation are looking for him. It is very reasonable to assume that he is a very long-time descendent of the dinosaurs of the eon eras of historical geology...how and why he survived is really unknown to us...but in fact...his reality is proof that he can indeed live on through many centuries, even millenium...what appears to be timeless ages...but also occasional "sights" of him...and he has even learned how to "dive" into the waters at just the right moments to evade the visual "capture" of him. The most puzzling question is how a plesiosaur can stand such frigid waters...but perhaps, like many...they have learned to adapt. I don't believe he is an "evolved" creature...it is most logical to think that he is a no more than a descendent of countless generations that have come before him.

Understandings of the Sasquatch are even deeper...I have come to believe that he is rather Biblical...that is to say...not a beast, but very human...and like Adam and his descendants...lived since ancient times...for centuries...not just decades...and he is extremely intelligent...(hence his ability to escape being cornered). He has never been apprehended...even though there have been many sightings of him. Perhaps he is a descendent of a very ancient race...or something like it. He has grown long hair for simply being in the wilderness for so long...but also to keep warm...(this is indeed his "coat")...he is far smarter than we give him credit for. He has escaped guns and handcuffs and any other forms of restraints...he has evaded all manners of stalking and hunting and ensnaring...even with all our new age ultra-tech, we can't ever force him into a trap or put him in bonds like any other "fugitive"...there is definitely a very mystical reason for this...and it goes beyond him just being so "huge"...he must have a mental state that goes far beyond what we can understand...and perhaps even a spiritual ability that we can't put our finger on...in any sense of the word in our own age.

But like the cold water reptile...he is a master at keeping his distance from anything that could otherwise "seize" him...he is easily sighted...but never actually really "found".

He also has the utterly astounding ability to commune with those who will understand him...those few in our generation who won't treat him as just an "enigma"...but who have hearts and minds to listen to him...those very few in our own time who have encountered him face to face.
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Re: A Theory on the Loch Ness and Sasquatch

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re: Loch Ness 'Monster'

This creature is generally thought to be what's known as a plesiosaur. Based on the testimony of Aaron McCollum (via Project Camelot interview), its periodic sighting may be linked to the existence of so-called 'seagates' -- that is, like a stargate except they connect different bodies of water, either terrestrially or otherwise, and periodically open and close. Aaron was specially trained in traversing seagates.

Another theory is that it also could be accessing some underwater tunnel/passageway leading to/from an inner earth body of water. If this is true then the military would know about it also.
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