Helllloooooo everyone!

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Helllloooooo everyone!

Post by peridot » Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:57 am

I've been through a lot...like everyone else has. (lol)
I have been an abductee, then out of my own curiosity, became a multiple races contactee.
NDE experiences gave me the opportunity to realise how incredible we Humans are....WE ARE SPECIAL, and WE HAVE POWER to change everything we don't agree with INSTANTLY, when we regain our full power back.
No need to worry about food/fluid, or sleep to sustain ourselves, when we reach that level.
No more environmental problems, no more forced feeding of BS info.
No anxieties, No illnesses, No hustles, No oppression, and No limits.
We will start contributing to the rest of the Universes. Earth is where we start it.

....But then, for now, I'm still swimming in the sea of questions rather than settling down with what I had learned. (≧ω≦)ROFL

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